Interior Design Cost in India: From 1BHK to 3BHK

Interior Design Cost in India: From 1BHK to 3BHK

Budgeting for interior design in India? Get ready to dive into aesthetics without crashing your bank account! 

Budgeting for interior design is crucial for creating a beautiful and functional home. In India, interior design costs vary depending on the apartment size, customization level, and materials used. Professional interior designers help you achieve a personalized home within your budget, turning your vision into reality.

Interior Design Cost in India

Key Factors Impacting Interior Design Cost

Understanding the key factors that impact costs is crucial when planning your interior design budget. From the size of the space to the level of customization, each element plays a significant role in determining the overall expense. Exploring options? Companies like Zinoti offer transparent pricing per square foot, making budget planning simpler and more predictable.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary factors affecting interior design costs:

Square Footage and PricingCosts often start with the size of the space. Designers typically charge per square foot, which varies based on experience and project complexity. Some offer package deals, others price separately.
Customization and MaterialsThe more customized the design, the higher the cost. Custom-built furniture and bespoke elements add to expenses. High-end materials like imported marble and premium wood are costlier than standard options.
Markup on ProductsDesigners often mark up product costs to cover sourcing and handling expenses, which includes furniture, fixtures, and decor items.
Additional ServicesExtra services like regular site visits, project supervision, and contractor coordination add to overall cost but are crucial for project success.

Understanding these factors helps in making informed decisions, ensuring a harmonious and cost-effective interior design project.

1 BHK Interior Design Cost 

1 BHK Interior Design Cost

Designing a 1 BHK apartment involves thoughtful planning to create a functional and stylish space within a compact area. Here’s a detailed look at the costs involved:

Basic ConsiderationsStarting costs for 1 BHK interior design range from INR 2-3 lakhs, covering essential furniture, basic lighting, and standard materials.
Essential Furniture and Decor– Living Space: Sofa set, coffee table, TV unit, and basic decor items.<br> – Bedroom: Bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, and minimalistic decor.<br> – Kitchen: Modular kitchen setup with essential appliances and storage solutions.
Design Variations and Budget Impact– Simple Designs: Minimal customization keeps costs lower.<br> – Elaborate Designs: Adding elements like false ceilings, designer lighting, and premium finishes can significantly increase the budget.

By understanding these costs, you can better plan your budget and ensure your 1 BHK apartment is both beautiful and functional.

2 BHK Interior Design Cost 

2 BHK Interior Design Cost

Designing a 2 BHK apartment involves more space and complexity compared to a 1 BHK, with a corresponding increase in costs. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Range of Design CostsCosts for 2 BHK interiors range from INR 4-6 lakhs for standard designs to upwards of INR 10 lakhs for premium options.
Living Room and Bedrooms– Living Room: Sectional sofas, larger TV units, intricate decor.<br> – Bedrooms: Customized wardrobes, study units, additional decor elements.
Customization and ComplexityLarger spaces offer more customization options, increasing complexity and cost.
Specific CostsDetailed expenses for living rooms and bedrooms, including furniture, lighting, and decor items like customized wall units and high-quality lighting fixtures.

Understanding these factors will help you budget effectively and create a stylish and functional 2 BHK apartment.

3 BHK Interior Design Cost 

3 BHK Interior Design Cost

A 3 BHK apartment offers ample space and requires a higher budget for luxury and detailed designs. Here’s a detailed look at the costs:

Estimation of CostsDesigning a 3 BHK with luxury finishes starts from INR 8-10 lakhs and can go up to INR 20 lakhs or more, depending on materials and customization.
Detailed Expenses– Modular Kitchens: High-end countertops, custom cabinetry, premium appliances.<br> – Custom Furniture: Bespoke furniture tailored to specific needs.<br> – Exclusive Decor: High-quality artwork, designer lighting, luxury textiles.
Aesthetic and Functional BalanceAchieving a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality is crucial, incorporating ergonomic furniture and practical storage solutions.

By considering these detailed costs, you can plan and budget effectively to create a luxurious and functional 3 BHK home.

Choosing the Right Interior Design Partnership

Selecting the right interior design partner is crucial for transforming your home into a beautiful and functional space. Reviewing portfolios of seasoned companies like Zinoti can give you a clearer idea of the quality and creativity you can expect. 

Here are some key considerations to guide your decision:

1. Expertise and Portfolio:

  • Check Experience: Look for designers with extensive experience in projects similar to yours. Experienced designers are more likely to understand your needs and deliver high-quality results.
  • Review Portfolio: Examine the designer’s portfolio to assess their style, creativity, and attention to detail. Ensure their previous work aligns with your vision and preferences.

2. Client Testimonials and Reviews:

  • Read Reviews: Client testimonials and online reviews provide insights into the designer’s reliability, professionalism, and work quality. Positive feedback from previous clients is a good indicator of a designer’s capabilities.
  • Seek Referrals: Ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations based on their experiences with interior designers.

3. Clear Communication:

  • Budget and Expectations: Communicate your budget and design expectations clearly from the start. A good designer will listen to your needs, provide realistic estimates, and work within your budget constraints.
  • Regular Updates: Ensure the designer commits to regular updates and transparent communication throughout the project. This will help you track progress and make timely adjustments if needed.

4. Value Addition by Professional Designers:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Professional designers can help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes, sourcing quality materials at better prices, and optimizing the use of space.
  • Timeliness: A professional designer ensures the project is completed on time, coordinating with contractors and suppliers to avoid delays.
  • Innovative Solutions: Designers offer creative and innovative solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home.

5. Compatibility and Collaboration:

  • Personal Connection: Choosing a designer with whom you feel comfortable working is important. A good personal connection fosters better collaboration and communication.
  • Collaborative Approach: Look for collaborative designers, valuing your input and involving you in key decisions to ensure the final design reflects your personality and preferences.

By considering these factors, you can select an interior design partner who will meet and exceed your expectations, transforming your living space into a dream home. 


Planning and budgeting effectively for interior design projects is key to achieving desired outcomes without overspending. Making informed decisions about material selection and design elements ensures a harmonious and cost-effective design. Investing in interior design enhances the quality of living spaces, improves functionality, and adds value to homes.



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