Terrace Garden Design

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Living in the bustling heart of Bangalore doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a connection with nature. Zinoti, your premier destination for luxurious interior design, goes beyond the walls of your home to transform your terrace into a personal urban sanctuary.

Forget the days of a bare, sun-baked rooftop. We, at Zinoti, are your one-stop shop for terrace garden design in Bangalore. Our team of passionate and skilled designers, the best in the city, will craft a breathtaking haven tailored to your desires.

Imagine stepping out onto your terrace and being greeted by a symphony of vibrant colors and textures. Lush greenery softens the urban landscape, while strategically placed planters brimming with fragrant herbs and cascading flowers create a sensory
experience that soothes the soul. Zinoti’s designers weave their magic, incorporating elements that resonate with your vision.

Embrace the spirit of “Make in India” with handcrafted terracotta planters and locally sourced river stones that add a touch of earthy elegance. Imagine a charming swing crafted from sustainable bamboo, swaying gently in the breeze or a vibrant
hand-painted mural depicting a peacock dance adorning a corner. Zinoti celebrates the rich heritage of Indian design while ensuring functionality and contemporary

Our expertise extends beyond creating a visual masterpiece. We understand the importance of Bangalore’s climate and design your terrace garden to thrive in the local conditions. We incorporate water-saving irrigation systems and drought-resistant plants, ensuring your haven flourishes with minimal environmental impact.

Zinoti’s designers transform your terrace into an extension of your living space, catering to your individual needs. Whether you envision a barbeque area for weekend gatherings or a secluded reading nook, we translate your dreams into reality

Terrace Garden Design


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